Sometimes a tragedy can turn into a blessing.

In February 2012, a terrible fire burned down our home and we found ourselves homeless.  While my wife and I survived, everything else in our lives, including our beloved cats, burned with the memories of our house. Sadness and confusion lingered, and eventually, exacerbated my wife’s existing chronic illness: Adrenal Insufficiency.  Her worst symptoms among others included extreme fatigue, unexplained rashes, chronic muscle aches and terrible insomnia.  Her fatigue was so overwhelming that she had to quit a job she truly enjoyed, a career that lasted over 14 years.  Eventually, the fatigue became so severe that she could not even get out of bed…. for over a year!  Imagine the emotional and psychological frustration of being so fatigued, and yet unable to sleep.  Before we had the adrenal insufficiency diagnosis, we consulted medical experts in every specialized field: endocrinologist, neurologist, rheumatologist, sleep specialists and an infectious disease specialist, but no doctor was able to diagnose the real cause of her deteriorating problem – they could only offer prescription drugs to alleviate her symptoms.  Thankfully, her primary care doctor was supportive and eventually started using alternative tests to discover the adrenal insufficiency in the first place. She then insisted that my wife stop working so her body could rest and recover.

However, resting at home was not enough.   After trying various medications, and exhausted by the whole clinical process, she decided to look for an alternative solution.  She remembered how her mother cured herself of colon cancer in 1985 by changing to a macrobiotic diet.  Her mother had the cancerous tissue removed, but doctors discovered that the cancer had spread to her lymphatic system.  Nevertheless, she opted not to undergo radiation or chemotherapy– she simply changed her diet and started practicing daily meditations.  She was cancer-free within 5 years! Her mother had discovered the elegant and the most beautiful truth about the holistic principle: every human being innately possesses natural healing capacities, and that optimum health requires enhancing and empowering these natural healing functions more efficiently and without obstructions.  When my wife began to apply this principle to her situation, she noticed positive and dramatic changes to her chronic condition.

With the help of a detoxification specialist (and good friend Debbie Mitchell), she changed her eating habits to include organic vegetables and fruits as main sources of nutrition, took herbal remedies and began regular detoxifying sessions in a machine called Vibrosaun from Australia.  This machine hastened her body’s natural capacity to eliminate and reverse the accumulation of chemicals and toxins that have been stored in her body due to consuming cocktails of pharmaceutical pills her doctors had prescribed over the years.  However difficult it may have been to dramatically change her lifestyle habits, nonetheless these dual modalities of treatments have positively transformed her.  Her various symptoms, one by one, began to disappear.  She is back to work full-time in the profession she enjoys! A tragedy has turned into a blessing!

Another part of this blessing is meeting a Natural Nutritionist and Vibrosaun Center owner Steve Geoffrion.  He, like my wife, has a similar story to tell.  As a health enthusiast, avid Green Juicer and Vegan, Steve has enjoyed the benefits of a diet strong in organic vegetables and fruits.  Steve also owned and operated the Vibrosaun Center in Brewster, NY where my wife frequently attended to help her reverse her condition.  The incredible benefits that my wife experienced with Vibrosaun therapy, and frequent conversations with Steve about holistic health, led to the birth of Kure Spa and Wellness Center.

As an academic and a practitioner of yoga, the concept of KureSPA & Wellness Center emerged as a result of a synthesis of modern and ancient principles of holistic healing and preventative medicine. The best of our scientists today conclude that the human organism is constituted by complex systems (circulatory, lymphatic, respiratory, endocrine, and immune systems) that monitor and regulate the body’s inherent movement to attain its natural homeostatic state.  Holistic practitioners, sages, and philosophers of both Eastern and Western traditions believe that homeostasis involves the dynamism of the whole person; that is, an optimal homeostatic state is reached when mind-body-spirit are in proper alignment and balance, providing credence that healing requires a paradigm shift in our understanding and a change in our lifestyle that promote wholeness rather than fragmentation that leads to imbalances and diseases.

Today we are faced with an alarming amount of data and rising statistics on the prevalence of obesity and chronic diseases in America, and unfortunately we have come to accept them as part of our daily living.  When disease is diagnosed to a pill, and when a pill becomes an easy quick fix, we miss the golden opportunity to heal ourselves.  To live a life free of recurring pain, chronic conditions like fibromyalgia and CFS, a person must focus on detoxification, fitness, relaxation, and organic nutrition as a daily routine.  Based on this proposition,  Liz and I are committed to providing essential holistic services and education that aim to revitalize and rejuvenate our members by offering alternative sources for healthy living.

Clients are referred to our KureSPA & Wellness Centers in Norwalk from around Fairfield County for the resolution of complex problems that have failed to respond to conventional medications, surgery, and therapeutic treatments. We offer a multifaceted treatment approach for the ultimate in comprehensive care.  Come and experience the Kure transformative experience — you too can journey with us on the road to wellness and vitality!