Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging (DITI) is a noninvasive adjunctive diagnostic technique that allows the examiner to see delicate changes in skin surface temperature. An infrared scanning device is used to convert infrared radiation emitted from the skin surface and maps the body temperature. The spectrum of colors indicate an increase or decrease in the amount of infrared radiation being emitted from the body surface. Since there is a high degree of thermal symmetry in the normal body, subtle abnormal temperature asymmetry’s can be easily identified. DITI’s value is in its high sensitivity to pathology in the vascular, muscular, neural and skeletal systems.

What Can DITI Reveal?

•     Inflammatory conditions, such as arthritis
•     Arterial blockages
•     Soft-tissue and sports injuries
•     Carpal tunnel syndrome
•     Spinal disc and back issues
•     Metabolic disorders
•     Auto-immune disease
•     Rheumatic condtions, including vaculitis
•     Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome
•     TMJ (Temporomandibular joint disorder)
•     Nerve problems, diabetic neuropathy
•     Some thyroid conditions
•     Internal growths and some kinds of tumors

And many more conditions

Fequently Asked Questions