Mindful Healing & Mind-Body Integrative Medicine with Dr. Paul Epstein

Dr. Paul Epstein is a naturopathic physician, mindfulness meditation teacher, mind-body and IFS therapist, speaker, mentor and teacher.

Brief Biography

Philosophy and Approach

  • Pain as a teacher, illness as an opportunity
  • All healing is self-healing
  • Transform stress, pain and illness into a journey of self-healing and awakening
  • Empower and support healing from within
  • Guide people to explore the meaning, message and opportunity of their health issues
  • Whole-person relationship centered care
  • Explore the mind-body connection and how biography becomes biology

Therapies and Modalities

  • Integrating mindfulness into daily life
  • Mind-body counseling
  • IFS (Internal Family Systems) model of psychotherapy
  • Mindful self compassion
  • Guided imagery
  • Naturopathic medicines
  • Diet, nutrition, herbs and homeopathic supplements
  • Trauma informed healing

Who can benefit? Anyone who is:

  • looking for health and healing
  • suffering from stress related symptoms
  • suffering from chronic pain and chronic diseases
  • seeking to participate fully in their healing and recovery
  • looking for inner peace and happiness

Dr. Epstein will see clients on Tuesdays.

To schedule an appointment or for further information call Kure Spa at 203-857-1500

Dr. Epstein will also be teaching classes, workshops and retreats on mindfulness meditation and mind-body healing. Check the Kure Spa & Wellness Center Event page or watch for the announcement in your email.

To learn more about Dr. Epstein, please visit his personal website and these articles:

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