With ONE treatment

BENEFIT from DUAL therapies


The Result?


Benefits of Whole Body Vibration…Alone

~ Increases Circulation, Oxygenation, and Lymphatic Drainage
~ Improves Collagen Production
~ Accelerates Weight Loss
~ Increases Flexibility & Range of Motion
~ Enhances Conventional Athletic Training & Speeds Up Muscle Recovery
~ Relieves Tension & Chronic Pain in Knees, Back & Neck
~ Reduces Depression
~ Increases Bone Strength and Bone Density
~ Decreases Blood Pressure
~ Improves Balance / Equilibrium and Coordination
~ Helps Relieve Menopause Symptoms & PMS
~ Increases Neurotransmitters Serotonin and Neurotrophins
~ Decreases Cortisol, the Body’s #1 Stress Hormone
~ Increases Proprioceptive Stimulation (Pain Reduction)
~ Increases Tendon Strength


Benefits of Sauna Heat…Alone

~ Immune system stimulation and activation
~ Has a direct antibacterial action
~ Balances the autonomic nervous system
~ Improves oxygenation
~ Relieves internal congestion
~ Relaxes muscles and enhances flexibility of tendons and ligaments
~ Alkalinizes the body
~ Increases circulation
~ Resolves edema
~ Normalizes enzymatic activity
~ Relieves pain
~ Increases energy and clears the mind
~ Normalizes body temperature

Lawrence Wilson, M.D., author of “Sauna Therapy”

“Vibrosaun’s combination of whole body vibration & sauna heat stimulates the fascial receptors that cover all of the organs and muscles in our body. Stimulation of receptors is responsible for reducing pain & improving overall bodily function.”

Dr. Warren Hammer, DC, MS
Certified Instructor in Fascial Manipulation ®

As you can see, combining whole body vibration and sauna heat is very powerful – your body’s natural  healing capacities begin to work more efficiently with regular use of this therapy!


How it Works                                                                           

The Vibrosaun consists of two primary modalities; a therapeutic dry sauna heat and whole body vibration.

Whole body vibration relaxes muscles and sauna heat dilates blood & lymph vessels.  The unique combination of heat and vibration increase the heart and pulse rates, accelerating blood flow and the intake of oxygen to burn up carbohydrates, such as starches, then fat cells.  Kidney function and lymphatic is increased, accelerating the removal of lactic, uric acids and body wastes.  A healthier body full of vitality results. Our video goes into further detail if you wish to learn more.

Both types of therapy have been used individually in the health field as medically proven treatments, however the Vibrosaun is the first machine to combine the two and the results have been fantastic. Read some of our testimonials and you will see what we mean.

Since 1986, Vibrosaun has offered a natural, effective solution to weight loss, injury and chronic pain. It has benefited almost every malady experienced by our clients and thousands of Vibrosaun treatments are now performed everyday in medical offices, wellness centers, fitness centers and rehab clinics around the world.

If you have been struggling with weight loss, living with chronic pain or any of the conditions below, give the Vibrosaun a try! After one session, you will feel invigorated, renewed and you will be on your way to optimum health and total well-being! FAQ’s »

For a more transformative experience, combine Vibrosaun with a massage or PEMF therapy.

Our Relax, Renew, Renourish treatment brings clients to a higher level of relaxation and wellness. 


“When the body’s circulation improves, the body’s natural functions are stimulated to work more efficiently.  Very simply stated… everything your body is designed to do naturally, the Vibrosaun helps to speed up!”

Technology Fundamentals

The comfortable, therapeutic, vibrating bed is encapsulated by the spacious unit in which dry sauna heat is evenly circulated.  Negative ion charged air keeps the head and face fresh and cool. Music and aromatherapy calm and heal the mind and body.  All functions are controlled by the user within – heat, vibration, negative ion charged air flow and music volume.