Spa Sampler Day

Sunday, February 25, 5:30 to 8:30 pm. $30 per person

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Your choice of the 3 following spa treatments: Whole Body Vibration & Sauna Heat Therapy, Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy, Kinesiology & Reiki

Wellness Talks: Eat For Health, Benefits of Hemp & Toning the Nervous System

5:30-6:00 Welcome, Registration & Networking

(Come early to sign up for talks, yoga classes & treatments. First come, first served.)

Join us in the Juice Bar: Tasty Treats, Hemp Shots

6:00 pm

Talk: Welcome & Personal Story of Health with Liz Lew, owner of Kure Spa & Wellness Center

Lisa Jacobson, Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach

Hear an inspirational story of taking your health back into your own hands! Liz will share the epic challenges she overcame on her journey to wellness through nutrition and holistic modalities – specifically those offered at Kure! Her journey inspired her to share what she learned with others on the path and open Kure Spa & Wellness Center.

Lisa will discuss how our brain, the most important decision-making organ, is affected by the impulses we get from our body and, particularly, the ones we get from our gut. These gut-level messages are relayed via neurotransmitters located in our GI tract. Hormones are also produced in our gut which can have a powerful influence on how we feel. It’s the bacteria in our gut that can have a profound impact on our neurotransmitters and hormones. The foods you choose to eat largely determines the balance of “good” to “bad” bacteria in your digestive system. Her website

Yoga Class at PAZ YOGA: (Gentle) Focusing on slow, purposeful stretching and basic postures, breathing and balance. This class is accessible to all skill levels.


Talk: Benefits of Hemp with Jon Cuizon

Listen to the amazing and vast benefits of hemp oil, known to many as CBD – what it is, the benefits of its use and the differences between hemp oil and medical marijuana. Jon is a local intuitive healer and wealth of information pertaining to all things health related. Clients find Jon when they have exhausted all other resources and solutions to address and resolve chronic health issues.

Yoga Class at PAZ YOGA: (Restorative) A slow paced practice focused on passive stretching and the use of props by holding poses for longer periods of time to achieve physical, mental and emotional relaxation. This class is accessible to all skill levels.


Talk: Toning the Nervous System and Creating Ease: Body and Mind with Elissa Diamond Fields DC

We will discuss how the nervous system works, and ways to create balance and restore proper tone and ease. Our bodies are constantly adapting to the physical, chemical and emotional stressors in our daily lives, and there are several ways to help manage, integrate and balance these adaptations.Come learn how to be aware of what imbalance feels like, and simple daily strategies to feel great! Elissa is a mama and has a chiropractic office in Stamford where she specializes in women and children.

Yoga Class at PAZ YOGA: (Gentle) Focusing on slow, purposeful stretching and basic postures, breathing and balance. This class is accessible to all skill levels.


8:30pm All sessions & talks finished


Healing Modalities Offered (rotate every 20 minutes – 3 per person)

Whole Body Vibration + Sauna Heat Therapy

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF)

Kinesiology with Denise

Reiki with Jessica from Kure & Nina from Paz Yoga


The Body’s Ecology and the Future of Health!

A Lecture by Chelsea Leiper, PhD Candidate

Monday, February 26, 2018

6:30 – 8:00 pm

To Register:

Either call (203) 857-1500 or register on Facebook

Bacteria have gotten a bad rap! A new truth is emerging – the human body is a complex ecosystem which is in a constant state of dynamic balance. Life exists and thrives always at a tipping point; hot/cold, moist/dry, tense/rest, acid/base… too much of anything is rarely good. In this dance, bacteria are not enemies but most often crucial partners – without the right balance of beneficial bacteria our health will quickly deteriorate!

After 100 years of trying to eliminate bacteria, new concepts of health that embrace these microorganisms are currently transforming health practices and dietary regimes. Science now points to the importance of the ‘microbiome’, or the diverse and sizable community of microbes contained within (and on) the human body. Recent research suggests that the body’s ecology, like the planet’s, is in a state of disequilibrium. In light of this, how does one create and maintain a healthy bodily ecosystem? What are the perceived threats to the integrity of the body’s ecology from both within and beyond? What interventions are being made to control the unruly ecologies of both the human body and the environment it inhabits? What do these health practices mean within the larger context of environmental politics in these decidedly crucial times?

In this talk, Chelsea will explore these questions, focusing on recent health trends that call for the ‘re-wilding’ of our bodies (from an artificial to a more natural state) thru dietary and lifestyle changes. It is believed that by eating and living closer to nature, closer to the conditions our body evolved within, we can restore the proper dynamic balance that will bring about optimal function physically, mentally and emotionally.

Chelsea Leiper is a doctoral candidate in Geography at the University of Delaware.  Her dissertation research explores the idea of ‘re-wilding’ the body in the Anthropocene, focusing on human microbiome health interventions and the Paleo Diet and Ancestral Health movements.


Stress and the Mind-Body Connection
Transform Stress, Pain and Illness
Into a Journey of Self-Healing

A lecture by Dr. Paul Epstein

Monday, March 19 2018

6:30 – 8:00 pm

To Register:

Either call (203) 857-1500 or register on Facebook

What is the difference between healing and curing?
Can your body speak your mind?
Is illness an opportunity?

Clinical studies reveal that 75-90% of all visits to the family doctor are for stress related complaints. Disease tells a story, not just about ‘our cells’ but about ‘ourselves’. Your body speaks your mind. Healing happens when we embark on a journey to our true self. We’ll discuss Healing vs. Curing and how to integrate both. The lecture focuses on the principles, practices and therapies of mind-body medicine and their application in health care and healing. We’ll explore the meaning and message hidden inside stress, pain and illness and how to be at peace with what you find.

Paul Epstein, ND is a Naturopathic Physician, mind-body therapist, mindfulness meditation teacher, author and speaker specializing in mind-body integrative medicine. He travels worldwide leading mindful healing workshops and retreats and maintains a private practice in Westport treating people with chronic pain and stress related disorders.