Your Fascia, Your Future

 A lecture by

Steve & Arden

Monday, June 25, 2018

6:30 – 8:00 pm

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Scientific understanding of fascia has grown dramatically in recent years. Structurally and functionally it is now clear the fascia system is central to health, vitality and well-being. Fascia permeates our body from head to toe, and there is fascia surrounding and supporting every single structure and organ system as well; nerves, blood vessels, bones, heart/lungs, even the brain and spinal column are wrapped in fascia!


In the past, fascia was regarded as a simple connective tissue surrounding muscles and organs, almost like the tissue paper and

peanuts inside a shipping package.


Now we know that fascia a miracle of tensegrity, designed to simultaneously guide, control and attenuate movement – it also houses within it specialized receptors, communicating to the brain information about movement and positioning. Thus when functioning optimally the fascia system is the foundation of graceful and precise movement, such as that of an athlete, dancer or musician!


Posture is where our ‘fascia-body’ becomes visible, and the effects of time as well! Fascia can be a bit like water in that it will adapt to the shape of the container. Our bodies begin to reflect, in our posture, the physical, emotional and even spiritual narrative of our lives. This is the basis of the practice of Yoga;  if we want to be upright into our 80s, we should practice now – equally, if we want to be active then… the time is now – and it all relates to the strength, elasticity and glide-ability of our fascia!


On Monday, June 25,  two of our most experienced LMTs will give a talk about this important body system. They will describe the anatomy of fascia, it’s various functions, the types of problems that arise when fascia is unhealthy, and what we can do to keep our fascia strong, elastic and vibrant.  Arden & Steve have developed our unique offering – ‘Fascia Integration’, and will describe what this specialized protocol is, and why it is so valuable for restoring and maintaining optimal fascia health.