Want to treat yourself to the most effective and relaxing massage available? After winding down from a hectic summer and busy start of the school year, our minds and bodies can feel out of sorts. 30 minutes of our heat & vibration therapy is the perfect preparation for the therapeutic massage that follows. Top things off with an organic juice or smoothie for the perfect rejuvenation experience!

This is what you can expect to happen:

Relieve Stress

-Stress can get trapped in muscles and other parts of the body

-Massage helps to decrease cortisol levels and boost endorphins

-Cortisol is the number one stress hormone

-Endorphins are known as your body’s “feel-good” chemical

-With lowered cortisol levels and heightened endorphins, you’ll be sailing through the day like a pro


Avoid Seasonal Depression

-With daylight hours diminishing, some of us find those winter blues coming on

-Massage helps to keep your mood elevated with the release of serotonin and dopamine

-Serotonin is beneficial for mood stability and knocking anxiety levels down

-Dopamine, on the other hand, allows you to keep your wits about you and take the day on without succumbing to the blues

-Heat & vibration therapy simulates gentle exercise, another way that generates serotonin and dopamine production


Boost Immunity

-Cold and flu season is upon us once again and what better way to avoid these unwanted menaces than a relaxing massage? Massage helps to rev up your white blood cell count, which is crucial for evading sicknesses

-This spa treatment provides you with the choice of one of our nutrient-rich organic juices, which will keep your immune system at its peak

-Heat & vibration therapy also boosts the immune system

Sleep More Soundly

-Many have raved that regular use of heat and vibration therapy has increased their sleep quality tremendously!

-When you combine your heat and vibration therapy session with massage you experience a much deeper feeling of relaxation


Avoid Bouts of Shivering

-Moving the blood on a regular basis can help you overcome the chills this coming fall

-Heat and vibration therapy is especially helpful to get your blood flowing – heat dialates blood and lymph vessels, which in turn increases flow throughout the body. Vibration further enhances microcirculation

-When adding massage into your regular routine, your blood will be pumping strong and keeping you toasty even on those chilly fall days


Recover from Summer Pains

-Gardening strains lower back, knees, and more

-Flip-flops do not lend proper back support, therefore back pain is more likely

-Summer travels aid poor posture

-After summer fun in the sun, decreased temperatures can aggravate your joints

-Take time to help your body to recover by adding our heat and vibration therapy, massage, and one of our anti-inflammatory juices into your routine






Lawrence Wilson, MD, author of “Sauna Therapy”

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