Our lymphatic system, kidneys and liver, are responsible for cleansing the body and removing impurities and toxins from the system.  Regardless of weight, chemicals and toxins build up in the body.


There are many factors that contribute to putting strain on the body’s cleansing system which can overwhelm the natural detoxification system, such as the increased consumption of processed foods, exposure to pollution, antibiotics, food additives and preservatives.

When body fat begins to accumulate, chemicals and toxins build up. This is usually an indication that the liver may not be functioning to its full potential with the burden of excess toxins – a detox cleanse is essential.


Avoiding artificial sweeteners, sugar, medications, alcohol and trans-fatty acids, thereby immediately relieving pressure on the liver, is the start of your best detox.

The Vibrosaun accelerates detoxification through promoting perspiration and circulation. This rapidly increases the release of toxins from the body. Raising the body’s temperature also encourages infections to heal more rapidly. Combine this with aromatherapy essential oils such as lemon, juniper, angelica, geranium and fennel and the ultimate detox cleanse will be achieved.