Jessica Anderson – Reiki Master

Jessica became Certified as a Reiki First and Second Degree Practitioner through the Angelic Healing Center in Norwalk in November 2015.   And then she received her Reiki Master/Teacher Certification in June 2017.  She has a Bachelor of Art’s Degree in Sociology from Hunter College of the City University of New York.  She also received her Professional in Human Resources (PHR) Certification in 2010 and continues to keep current with changing Human Resources trends.  Jessica also started to volunteer her companionship and mini Reiki Sessions to hospice patients who are open to experiencing the comfort and relaxation that Reiki provides.   As a Master/Teacher of the Usui system of Reiki, Jessica is honored to have the opportunity of educating and certifying individuals that are called to deepen their spiritual path for the greater Universal good. 

Jessica enjoys a vegan raw food diet and its wonderful benefits of mental clarity, lots of energy and normal blood sugar levels despite a genetic predisposition to adult onset of diabetes.  Jessica also enjoys kundalini, ashtanga and hatha yoga.  She also enjoys the serenity of meditation and Selk-Reiki treatments by the water.



What is Reiki and Who is Benefiting?

Reiki is a hands on universal energy healing. I am a channel of the healing energy. When Reiki restores the subtle, natural flow of energy, physical symptoms and emotional distress clear naturally.  The Reiki practicioner is a channel for this healing energy and applies it on or just above your fully clothed body via a light touch.  The practitioner’s hands are held at the Chakra or energy points to release blockages and clear away pain.

Some well know people who enjoy the benefits of receiving Reiki include Dr. Oz, Halle Berry, Sandra Bullock, Goldie Hawn, Angelina Jolie, Shania Twain and Macy Gray. Erykah Badu enjoyed Reiki so much that she became a Reiki Master.

Also, Mel B, of the Spice Girls enjoys Reiki energy, as well as Ellen Degeneres, Sharon Stone, Uma Thermon and Naomi Watts.  As more people learn about and experience first hand the wellness benefits of Reiki, the more people that swear by it.

Reiki can be practiced on your pets to give them a sense of calm and well being as well.

A typical session last 50 minutes to an hour.  You can expect to experience deep relaxation during your treatment and an energy shift into a more positive and balanced sense of well being  after your treatment.


Jessica Anderson

Reiki Master in Fairfield (CT) County and Westchester County (NY)