Fascia Integration

Introducing an exciting new treatment exclusive to Kure Spa and Wellness Center!

Developed by two of our most experienced licensed massage therapists, Fascia Integration begins with ½ hour session in our exclusive Vibrosaun machine.  Vibrosaun will warm and relax you in preparation for an hour specialized bodywork, integrating massage techniques and specialized tools, made specifically for Kure, to mobilize and release bound and distorted fascia.

This unique approach to wellness will give you;

  • A feeling of revitalized connection in your body, at rest and in motion
  • An increase in range of motion, balance and agility
  • Decreased sensations of pain and overall stiffness in the muscles & joints
  • Restoration of healthy sleep and cognitive function by balancing the nervous system
  • Support for the release of trauma on all levels, physical, mental and emotional
  • A new feeling of vitality, focus and grounded, youthful confidence!


Our specialized bodywork approach is focused primarily on restoring the elasticity of the fascia. It is vital to heat your body first, allowing the therapist to easily work into deeper layers within the muscle tissue. That is why we offer the pairing of ½ hour vibrosaun with the 60 minutes fascial integration session. We want you to feel radically different after your visit!!


What is fascia and why is it important?

It is said about our body that ‘everything is connected’. We believe that the truth of this is in the mysterious connective tissue system called ‘fascia’. Fascia is first found just below the skin, and resembles a semi-clear, continuous sheet from head to toe covering the entire body. Beneath that layer, every part of the body – muscles, nervous, circulatory system and every internal organ are surrounded and supported by fascia. Fascia’s purpose is complex; it allows muscles to glide over adjacent structure; it protects muscles and organs while holding them in position; within fascia are nerve sensors which communicate critical information to the brain regarding movement, speed and accuracy – which can affect the balance, strength and precision of every action of our body. The grace of an active child, of an athlete, of a gifted musician all depends on the health and resilience of the fascia. Healthy fascia is a crucial foundation of our overall feeling of comfort, ease, confidence and youthfulness within the body!

Unfortunately, over time, the combination of stress, injury, lack of hydration and of balanced nutrition takes a toll on the fascia. What was once pliable and supple becomes tense and rigidified, and layers of fascia that are meant to glide freely begin to stick together. This manifests inwardly as the experience of stiffness, lack of flexibility and balance, and finally pain; outwardly it can be seen as postural imbalance and inhibited movement. While exercise and stretching, hydrating and good nutrition all contribute to keeping the fascia healthy, extra attention is needed to restore the fascia to it’s optimal state of strength and flexibility.

This is the reason we have developed our signature Fascia Integration therapy, as part of our mission to transform people’s health & wellness naturally using restorative, holistic and cutting-edge therapies.


Here’s a list of our multifaceted Fascia Integration treatment packages:

Vibrosaun (30 minute) session & Fascia Integration Bodywork (30 minute) $115

Vibrosaun (30 minute) session & Fascia Integration Bodywork (60 minute) $160