Alex is a licensed massage therapist who has been practicing for the last couple of years.  After graduating from Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy she has since worked with acupuncturists, chiropractors and yoga instructors.  She has experience in Swedish, deep tissue, acupressure, sports massage and orthopedic assessment.
While in school to become licensed in massage therapy Alex discovered yoga.  Both the stress of school and large interest in the human body helped her turn to yoga.  After realizing the effect it had on her body, mind and spirit Alex decided to pursue it further and studied 200 hours of yoga school earning her teaching certificate.
Blending her expertise as a massage therapist with her skills as a yoga teacher make for wonderful massage focused on easing the whole person.


Jack left the corporate world to become a massage therapist in 2007 and became Board Certified by The National Certification Board For Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork in 2016.  He also received his teaching certification in 2010.  Jack is trained in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Pre/Post Natal Massage and Reflexology.
Jack is a young adult cancer survivor. When not working, Jack can be found traveling the globe, speaking on behalf of the young adult cancer community and doing his part to make the world a better place.


Jill has been practicing therapeutic massage since 2003. She has a passion for massage, enjoys helping people feel better, and finds giving massage almost as relaxing as receiving it.  She is a graduate of Spa Tech in Westborough, MA. She worked as a full-time massage therapist in London, England for three years before returning to CT.  She has been licensed in CT since 2006, and continues to practice massage therapy part-time.  Jill already has a dedicated following at Kure Spa! Her unique combination of styles combined with deep, flowing movements helps relieve muscle tension and promotes deep relaxation.
Jill is an avid trail runner who enjoys endurance events, and volunteers for Milford’s Land Conservation Trust.


Lorraine is a graduate of Connecticut Center For Massage Therapy.  A sports massage therapist with a strong background in weight training, body building/sculpting, Tai Chi, inline skating. Special attention to sports related minor injuries.


Steve has been practicing therapeutic massage for 20+ years! His technique is ‘deep tissue/trigger point’. He is also trained for sports massage, accupressure and Reiki level 1. He incorporates these modalities into his massages to give the most effective treatment to the client.
He has extensive training in Deep Trigger, Sports and Accupressure from the CT Center for Massage Therapy He’s worked with high school and semi-pro athletes, people in injury rehabilitation, and elderly clients with stroke related paralysis.

The focus of Steve’s work is to:

  • restore ease and mobility after injury,
  • promote optimal performance for active people and athletes, and to
  • reduce the negative effects of day to day stress on our bodies.

Outside of work, Steve loves the outdoors, hiking, swimming and SCUBA. He plays music and has been involved in musical theater. He is currently studying Spanish with the goal of becoming fluent!


Theresa is a licensed massage therapist who has been practicing her art since 2007.  Although she graduated from CCMT, Newington in 2012, she has been in active practice since the days when she lived in sunny California.  She brings to Kure a wealth of experiences at working on clients with multiple sports injuries, auto accidents and medical ailments.  These experiences were cultivated at a chiropractic office that specializes in low back pains.  Her greatest joy at being a massage therapist comes from helping people with debilitating pain since she is acutely aware of the importance of pursuing an active lifestyle for health and wellness.