Today it is more important than ever to understand the relationship between nutrition and good health.  Major health issues are increasingly the result of acute and chronic conditions related to poor nutrition. Learning how to eat healthy can:

  • improve medical problems
  • prevent disease
  • provide a sense of well-being
  • enhance physical activity efforts
  • promote weight loss and maintenanc
  • help with overall longevity

So whether you are looking ot manage a medical condition or want to fine-tune your food choices, we can help.



Nancy Ferriello is a registered/certified dietitian nutritionist with a demonstrated ability to positively influence clients’ lifestyle change while maintaining a high level of outreach. For example, being fluent in Spanish and Italian as well as having extensive experience with both group and individual counseling, has allowed her to steadily increase her reach from a handful to thousands of clients. Her extensive project management and leadership experience of health and wellness practitioners has covered several industries and workplace structures: social service, corporate, entrepreneurial, nonprofit, product development and brand management. In 2014, she was winner of the Whole Foods Market NE Feed Culinary Challenge Contest, a large regional event that represented 38 stores. She inspires others to practice “eating healthy without fuss” via her blog: which you can subscribe to at no charge.