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The Miracle Machine

The what? Yes, that’s what it’s known as. More formally known as Vibrosaun, it first came to the scene back in 1986 in Australia. Originally created to aid paraplegics and particularly sick people in their plight to keep themselves healthy through “simulated exercise”, Vibrosaun therapy has gone above and beyond. The combination of heat and vibration therapy is exceptional for the relief of stress, insomnia, joint pain, muscle aches, and so much more. Both therapies have been practiced as separate treatments in the medical field, however, the Vibrosaun is the first to combine them – with regular use, the results are profound and undeniable!*


Pain Relief

The most sought-after benefit associated with Vibrosaun therapy is its ability to help alleviate chronic pain. The sauna heat and gentle vibration is soothing to stiff joints and sore muscles, since it relaxes and loosens up these inflamed areas. Oxygen- & nutrient-rich blood can then circulate more easily into these areas, which in turn allows your body to speed up healing and muscle recovery time.

Vibrosaun therapy is the perfect addition to active lifestyles where sore muscles and aching joints can be common. It’s especially an excellent source of therapy for anyone with chronic pain and arthritis issues associated with fibromyalgia and Lyme disease. We’ve even had feedback that it helps reduce pains accompanying PMS symptoms.

Since the vibration and heat therapies are easy to control within the machine and are  completely separate functions, one can enjoy a session of simple vibration therapy without the heat, or vice versa. This incredible feature is wonderful when you take into account certain disorders, such as edema, in which heat therapy can exacerbate the condition, but that vibration therapy can help to alleviate.

For those whom are sensitive to vibration, it is possible to enjoy the benefits of sauna in a much more comfortable manner given that your head lays outside the sauna capsule. One of our clients with Lyme disease came to us for this exact reason – his medical doctor advised him to attempt sauna sessions in order to raise his internal body temperature to 102ºF, which would help his body kill the Lyme spirochetes. However, he found breathing hot air for more than 10 minutes to be intolerable. Our client was able to sustain 45-minute sessions in the Vibrosaun without any discomfort whatsoever, and he got his body temperature up to the recommended level (yes, he took his temperature right after his sessions ended so we knew it was working)!


Heat and vibration therapy is also perfect in aiding those who are looking to rid their bodies of toxins. These combined therapies promote faster blood and lymph circulation throughout the body. As you may or may not know, the lymph is the garbage collector of the body; when the lymph is moving quicker throughout the body, it’s more effective at collecting environmental toxins and cellular waste for eventual eradication through the kidneys.

Heat therapy also promotes sweating, which is another way to eliminate unwanted toxins and cellular waste accumulated in the body. Faster blood & lymph circulation combined with sweating is similar to your basic exercise regime, which was the original intent of this therapy – to provide the benefits of exercise to those who could not exercise on their own.

On a day you choose to relax and detox in the Vibrosaun, it is important to stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water before and after your session in order to better flush out those unwanted toxins and to stay alert throughout the day. We recommend pairing your session with one of our delicious organic juices. They are full of nutrients and antioxidants that will aid you in the detox process.

One of the most coveted side-effects of detoxing and exercise is weight loss. Let’s face it, who isn’t interested in shedding a few pounds? Don’t expect the results to be instantaneous though — if weight loss is in your plan, then we recommend 2-3 sessions per week for a month before hitting the scale again. We’ve received comments from women who used Vibrosaun for other reasons, but noticed some weight loss when there was no other change in their diet or exercise regimen. We even heard comments that when they stopped using Vibrosaun temporarily, they gained 5-10 pounds back! Therefore, it is pertinent to follow a routine in order to keep your weight from fluctuating.


Restful Sleep

Another pleasant side effect of regular Vibrosaun therapy is a restful night’s sleep. For those who have chronic insomnia, it will take several sessions (2-3 sessions weekly for at least three weeks) to notice better sleep quality. In the long run, however, regular Vibrosaun use is more than worth it. So you may have thought sleep was a thing of the past, but the majority of people have noticed a difference after incorporating Vibrosaun sessions into their weekly routines.

Ultimately, the Vibrosaun has helped clients to relax and sleep the night away, whether it takes one session or multiple sessions. Why is this? The sauna heat and gentle vibration help to relax the sympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for our “fight or flight” response. This reduces stress levels which leads to the improvement of overall sleep quality. Please remember, the results will gradually become more evident over time when you use this therapy on a regular basis.


So Much More!

Vibrosaun therapy has provided better management of or recovery of so many different issues for the last 30 years – pain relief, muscle recovery, insomnia, fibromyalgia or Lyme disease issues, weight loss, allergies, edema, depression and more. Around the world, thousands of Vibrosaun treatments are being performed everyday in medical offices, physical therapy offices, wellness centers and fitness centers due to the extensive benefits this therapy provides. We are proud to say that Kure Spa & Wellness Center was the very first in the United States to offer Vibrosaun therapy.

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*As with all therapies, each individual result will vary.

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