Why You Need Our Relax, Renew, Renourish Treatment This Season

Want to treat yourself to the most effective and relaxing massage available? After winding down from a hectic summer and busy start of the school year, our minds and bodies can feel out of sorts. 30 minutes of our heat & vibration therapy is the perfect preparation for the therapeutic massage that follows. Top things off with an organic juice or smoothie for the perfect rejuvenation experience!
This is what you can expect to happen:
Relieve Stress

-Stress can get trapped in muscles and other parts of the body

-Massage helps to decrease cortisol levels and boost endorphins

-Cortisol is the number one stress hormone

-Endorphins are known as your body’s “feel-good” chemical

-With lowered cortisol levels and heightened endorphins,

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The Benefits of Heat & Vibration Therapy

The perfect addition to any healthy lifestyle!

(Infographic at bottom of page)

The Miracle Machine

The what? Yes, that’s what it’s known as. More formally known as Vibrosaun, it first came to the scene back in 1986 in Australia. Originally created to aid paraplegics and particularly sick people in their plight to keep themselves healthy through “simulated exercise”, Vibrosaun therapy has gone above and beyond. The combination of heat and vibration therapy is exceptional for the relief of stress,

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